Caddo Mills, TX

About Dupont Derby

Dupont Derby is a small farm located in Caddo Mills Texas.  Located on 3 acres of lovely farmland surrounded by cows grassland.  We are thorough, passionate and knowledgeable trainers and maintain a down to earth atmosphere.  Our staff has more than 30 years of experience and expertise.  

We understand that being truly knowledgeable about  appropriate care and training is essential to producing top quality performance horses  regardless of discipline.  We make sure that knowledge is shared with riders and owners in a supportive and easy  manner so that they can take it with them wherever they go.   

Dupont Derby offers riding instruction in a no-pressure, structured environment on our wonderful and seasoned school horses or your own horse. We teach students of all levels, from age 5 to adult. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff starts beginners, trains the competition-minded, and will work with everyone in between. 

Our goal is horsemanship education, good sportsmanship, knowledge of horse care of all types and social connections with others in competition and clinics. We create a program for our students that will help them realize their equestrian dreams, whether it’s the Nationals or the trail.