Caddo Mills, TX


Dupont Derby offers riding instruction in a no-pressure, structured environment on our wonderful and seasoned school horses or your own horse. We teach students of all levels, from age 5 to adult. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff starts beginners, trains from the beginner to the competition-minded, and will work with everyone in between.

Our mission at Dupont Derby is to set goals and achieve them, whether you are at the very beginner level or if you have moved into more advanced levels of horsemanship.  We want to help you achieve that you are trying to, so talk to us about it!  

Dupont Derby’s approach focuses on encouraging the spirit of positive attitude, good sportsmanship, confidence and individuality.  We combine riding lessons with fun and educational activities that will keep you engaged while teaching safe horsemanship, respect and appreciation of horses and what they represent.

Basic Horsemanship – No riding 

Our Basic Horsemanship class is the very first thing any aspiring horseman should learn. Before you slide up into the saddle, take the time to get to know horse basics. Soak in knowledge like reading a horse’s body language, catching and haltering, hand-walking a horse, getting to know brushes and tools, and learning how to tack up and untack a horse.

This is typically a one hour class is a requirement for any beginner who wants to move into riding lessons. This class is groundwork only, no riding.

Beginning Lessons

Our Beginner students do not need any prior riding experience, and our goal is for all riders to begin to learn to ride independently through practice, strengthening muscles, and proper technique. Along with riding, Dupont Derby Students will learn grooming and horse care skills alongside their trainers.

Dupont Derby’s trainers want to make learning fun by creating mounted and unmounted games in their classes that make learning to ride fun! Students, once they are comfortable, will also have the opportunity to attend local horse shows, in the Leadline divisions once shows start happening again.

Intermediate Lessons

Intermediate Riders should be able to be independent at the walk and trot. They should also be able to groom and tack up their horses properly without adjustment from their instructors. Riders with strong enough skills at walk and trot can learn to canter. Intermediate riders continue to hone their skills and proper technique, and they’ll learn more about horse care and management.

Dupont Derby lessons for intermediate riders are filled with mounted and unmounted lessons, activities. Intermediate riders may also have the opportunities to work toward attending local horse shows in Leadline and Walk-Trot divisions, once shows start happening again.

Advanced Intermediate Lessons

Our Advanced Intermediate lessons are designed for riders with more experience. Advanced Intermediate riders work toward mastering the canter and are introduced to different types of horse events like barrels for Western riders or jumping for English riders, along with more detailed horse care and management.

Dupont Derby lessons will focus on fine-tuning riding techniques, strengthening the body with skill-building lessons, both mounted and unmounted lessons and activities that add fun to all the hard work! Advanced Intermediate riders who are interested in showing can work toward attending local horse shows in the Walk-Trot-Canter divisions, once shows start happening again.

Personal Coaching

Dupont Derby’s Coaching sessions are for those interested in becoming part of the show circuit. Whether it is learning how to effectively navigate barrels to start going to more than just play day shows or if you are skilled at jumping and wish to move to doing more than just a schooling show.

These riders have reached a point where they need to gain in-depth knowledge about riding techniques, detailed horse care, mounted and unmounted training exercises for their horse or pony, and more.

This group of riders will learn more advanced flatwork, maneuvering techniques around barrels and/or poles and jumping skills.  Their focus will be on working on pattern work as well as course patterns.  These riders will be able to attend local and away shows during the show season.

Riders at this level must half lease, full lease, or own a horse or pony.