Caddo Mills, TX

Heavenly Hellhats

What the heck is a Heavenly Hellhat? It’s only the best thing for Western Riders who want safety and style on horseback!

It takes the English riding helmet and combines it with that of a Western Cowboy hat and makes it BETTER! English riders for years have used their helmets as a way to keep their heads safe in case of being thrown or tumbling from their horses’ backs. Their helmets go great with their riding gear and they look very polished and put together. Western riders on the other hand, have been told for YEARS that safety is secondary to style, and only recently have riding helmets been seen in the Western arena. 

So the Heavenly Hellhat was created and we are excited to be officially launching our line shortly. While we cannot take credit for the original creation of a “hellhat”, we are the creators of the most unique, beautiful and affordable Hellhats out there.

Each Heavenly Hellhat is hand crafted and unique; none will look exactly like another. Stay tuned for updates and ordering!